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Free Art: BYOB (Bring-Your-Own-Base) Custom Character Slots! (OPEN)


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I need some examples for on-base custom work, so I'm providing three open slots for custom characters!

The only rule is that the base you provide for them must be F2U; the original artist must also allow the monetary sale of adopts made with the base, as these examples will be for a commission type.

To guide the design, you may either provide a moodboard or a brief textual prompt.

I don't do niche kink/fetish designs, so please keep this in mind! Suggestive/"sexy" designs are fine, though.

1. Minty the Nekomata (Completed)

2. Wizzy~ (WIP)

3. [open]
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This is interesting! I've seen bases I wanted to draw on but lack the time to. I'll keep your offer in mind!
I have a base and a moodboard <3


Simply magical~ ✨