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As of lately, because of my time conflicts and boredom, I've been using Byond, a sort of program that connects you to games that you can play with others online. Of course of you have to download it and there could be lag but it's free. The only thing that I'm wondering about is whether or not if someone made a game about being a furry would be it be, I dunno, acceptable. It would be the same the old RPG or action game except you get to pick what sort of species you want to be (i.e. dragon, lion, etc.) and what body type (fat, muscled, etc.)

Here's the link: http://www.byond.com/


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Seeing how there's a pokemon rp game listed, I think a furry game might be welcomed. But it seems like a lot of work. I mean if you have 2gendersx5speciesx3 body types = 30 character sprites. And even then you might want to consider classes. Although I would love to play a furry graphical rpg, though... But isn't there something like that already? Not sure.

*Gronthar Summons Titan, and Ifreet and takes photos as they get it on*


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technically, I guess Second Life could be considered an rpg too...it's more based off of a 3d chat program...but there are places there where you can participate in RPG-type worlds...

I belong to one called Dark Life.

it's kinda neat ^_^


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I can see the problem in making a game from scratch (That is unless you don't know anyone who could give you some basic codes) especially with the different features. I also see that Second Life is a really good program. I just wish I had a bank account to use so I could sign up.

But I still would love to see a game like that. Also, for those who have a Fur Affinity account, there could be extra little things added like quests and items.

Just a thought from a bored mind. :roll:


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If I knew somebody good at programming then creating a game wouldn't be too hard. Sprite graphics or 3d graphics are pretty easy for me to make. It's the code that stops me. :p

I wanted to make a macro-fur city-stomping/battle type game on the Unreal Engine where you'd select from a couple of creatures, furs and scalies, and then have to do missions or something in different cities. You could smash, eat, etc. all sorts of interactive stuff and it would change how your character looks depending on what you're doing (eat lots = get fat, lift up a bunch of stuff = get more muscles). Creating the models, maps, and textures would be easy and so would animating, but coding it to actually function is where I get lost. X_X

A side scroller 2d game I also have some resources for creating too via C++. But I don't quite know enough yet to do it, but I want to some day. :)

EDIT: And btw, I am not looking to get people to join in this. That's why I have so many Comp Sci courses this semester and next semester. I'll figure it out.


The programming isn't as easy you might think it is. You have to do most of things by yourself rather than relying on people's libraries and such. I'm busy programming a Dungeon Master Clone ATM so I won't help you our on programming your game.


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well....since graalonline has changed tremendously since 1998..thats when i last played....before the pay subscription...

i tried the trial thing out and people have their own servers set to their own characters/rules/etc. you can make your own characters simply with an editor that they provide. i guess....it seems like a good idea.
but the subscription sucks.

but i played this thing a long time ago... its called 'codename gordon'
you gotta get steam (www.steampowered.com) make an account...run steam and double click on codename gordon...its a 40mb flash game based on half life.