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Caffiene Appreciation Thread



What's that thing you like to take to get out of bed? That pick me up when you are feeling down? Or you need to sleep less because of your current work/life/gaming/porn schedule? Do share with us your favorite caffeinated delights.

Feel free to talk about your favorite Teas and Coffees and what blends/roast you get your eyes opened for, or even talk about that sweet soda you been liking? Anything else that keeps you wakened? Go ahead! Suggest to friends different teas, coffees and sodas! Or something new you find that you think we will love?

Go ahead and discuss what is your Favorite Teas, Coffees, Sodas and other caffeinated goods? Do share! :D
I've drunk so much soda in my life that I've built up a huge tolerance for caffeine, so if I ever really need something to keep me awake, I go with a strong dose--200mg or more--in the form of a 5-Hour Energy or something similar.


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Coca Cola is my love, but we only have Pepsi as of right now.

But names are names, brands are brands, it's soda and I'm drinking it. <3


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I love tea
not a big fan of coffee, it generally has to be flavored and sweet for me
my favorite energy drinks are the monster rehab line, they are non carbonated, only 10 calories, hydrate you like crazy, and tasty

I don't drink soda anymore though, I'm not a fan of carbonation (always thought my soda tasted better when flat)


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I enjoy my coffees, never really paid attention to the blends or roast however.

Black, White, Mocha, Cappuccino or Iced, it's all good.

I found those tube sachets that contain a mixture of powdered milk, sugar and coffee really convenient for those days out in the bush,
they're light and compact so it's easy to take a bundle and stuff them into spare space on one of your pouches.

Just add hot water and Bob's your Aunty Marge.

Though they need to make the dosage a bit stronger as it is weak as horse piss.


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I've been a big soda drinker for a long time. My parents used to only buy caffeine free soda but I later started asking for flavored Mountain Dew. Drank it for a few years. Then school became a big factor in my caffeine intake. For my junior high school year, Pre Calculus was my first hour of the day, so I needed something that would give me a kick start in being wide awake. So I tried out Monster. I'm not really a fan of the original flavors, but sometimes I'll drink my dad's absolutely zero. He needs that because he's diabetic. Doing some taste testing I found my favorite was Khaos, and I've been buying boxes and cans of that stuff ever since my junior year. Every school day, and sometimes on Saturdays for work.


I used to drink a stupid amount of coke every day. However, I stopped drinking it a couple of years ago. I started drinking coffee last summer. I used to think that the stuff was absolutely vile, but I was told by a friend to dry a blonde roast. It actually tastes pretty good to me. I never add anything to my coffee.

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The only thing that people dislike about drinking coffee for the first time is that they cant stand the taste. Well believe me, I was a caffeine athiest back in the day, but then I discovered the million dollar secret to getting your energized enjoyment.

I give you...
The Mr Sparta's guide to noob coffee drinkers!

Parents hate me, folks! With this state of the art tip you will be drinking expresso like its no problemo!

The secret is...
1. Pour your cup of coffee halfway
2. Dilute the shit our of it with creamer. (the ratio should be horribly unbalanced)
3. Drink that shit up.


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Well, I consume a hell of a lot of tea every day. Doesn't normally make me feel more awake, but I just like it as a drink. Drinking a lot of it can make me feel more stimulated and help me with revision, but I'm talking about like, several cups of it.


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I had an espresso the other day. The universe started to slow down and I developed a throbbing headache. To counteract this, I ingested two more cups of coffee when I got home. Hands were shaking. Now I just want all of the coffee...


Soda and coffee are my poisons! Fresh n' hot latte on a cold winter's morning and a chilled Coca-Cola on a hot summer's evening


I don't really find caffeine to affect me all too much, but I do like my sodas and the occasional coffee (so long as it's not too strong).


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I NEED tea in the morning (also in the afternoon, mid-afternoon, early evening, evening, just before bed, etc etc...), but that's probably more of a comfort thing, although I don't really wake up as such before it.

Studying for my uni exams got me into energy drinks big time. I'll drink anything from the mega cheap store brand ones, to anything else. My personal favourite is Monster absolute zero, I've had to exercise a lot of self control over how much of that I have, especially over last summer. I guess it helps that it's very hard for me to find in stores, so I can't have it often.


The Furry Phil
you are all dirty drug users:v I like me some coca-cola but its like got 7 teaspoons of sugar in it so I try not to have too much of it :/


coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee 8D

White chocolate mocha
Pumpkin Spice latte
or just plain old regularly brewed coffee with flavored creamers like Red Velvet and oh gosh Bailey's creamer anything. MMmm
I'm switching shifts at my job, and I'mma need the caffeine to help my sleep schedule cope. I have copious amounts of Dr. Pepper to help me though!


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During the summer i work as a professional barista in a well respected beach cafe in Cornwall. At the height of the season i would make around 500 coffees a day.
I've been in the coffee game for about 3 years now and i'm now regarded as one of the top baristas in my town.
Here's a few snapshots of how i like to make my job a little more interesting. http://www.furaffinity.net/full/11942077/

As for personal consumption and preference, my favourite is a double shot cortado (double espresso with equal volume of steamed milk)
On a busy summers day at work i will consume up to 15 shots of espresso to keep me going. It turns me into a complete machine and allows me to run on autopilot for a while before horrifically crashing and burning.
Right now my usual is 3 shots of espresso with some steamed milk and a double shot of Baileys.


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I almost never drink coffee, but earlier I was a bit tired I decided to have a cup. A particularly strong one. Damn, I feel awake. And I should be exhausted by now.


During the summer i work as a professional barista in a well respected beach cafe in Cornwall. At the height of the season i would make around 500 coffees a day.
I've been in the coffee game for about 3 years now and i'm now regarded as one of the top baristas in my town.
Here's a few snapshots of how i like to make my job a little more interesting. http://www.furaffinity.net/full/11942077/
I also do barista work on occasion at one of the dining halls on my campus. Of course, we don't get to do nice latte art like that, we just make the drink and give it to the customer to usually drink on the go.

I mean, it's very inexpensive and usually good coffee. I suppose working there helped me build somewhat of a tolerance to the coffee taste.

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Im highly sensitive to caffeine, a single cup of coffee will send me flying out the window.


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I drink coffee mostly. And more often during the school semester.

Oddly enough, caffeine is really hit and miss for me so sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. So I really drink coffee in the morning more or less because it's something to do.

I drink tea on occasion too. Usually loose tea I get from a local organic foods store and it's pretty good albeit a little too earthy sometimes.
Coffee for me!

I'm all about STARBUCKS ...

I'm enjoying the last of a bag of whole-bean Christmas blend right now.
Makes a good drip coffee, and a good espresso too!

Nothin like a good cup of Starbucks, and an afternoon clinging to the ceiling.


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I'm British and therefore only drink tea, while I am not drinking Ale. :V

I love tea, my tolerance to caffeine means I can drink it to relax. I drink coffee a lot but mainly in work. And, if it's going to be a particularly long day, I go for Monster or Mountain Dew