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Caity's Art Shop



I decided to re-open commissions so I can save up some money for Christmas this year, and other much-needed expenses (student loan, car repairs, etc).

What I Offer:
1. Head Shot - 15$/ea

2. Full Body - 25$/ea

What I Will Draw:
1. Animals
2. Mythical Creatures
3. Movie/Show/Book Characters (Neopets, Pokemon, Disney, etc)
4. Basic Landscapes*

What I Will NOT Draw:
1. Humans
2. NSFW Art
3. Food/Inanimate Objects

*For those who want just a basic landscape background to use for other art projects, please contact me. These are just 10$ per background.


Prices are in Canadian Currency, and payment is accepted through PayPal only. Pricing deals are available on multiple commission types in a single order. I can also take special commission requests if you have a limited amount of money to spend on artwork, however if these are abused I'll stop allowing it.

Please contact me via PM if interested.

Other art examples can be found in my FA gallery or DeviantART gallery - Caitybee's DeviantArt Gallery