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Call of the Stars: Moonrise- Warrior Cats Roleplay (PM me to Join)

Liseran Thistle

(I've decided I've really wanted to do a Warrior Cats roleplay for a while now, so I figured the best place to do it was here!)

>Anyone can join, all you have to do in order to join is just PM me that you would like to join, and then write an introduction post about what your cat is doing at that point in time. You have to write a Bio for your cat before your introduction post.

>You have to have some prior knowledge of Warrior Cats. You don't have to be an expert on it, you just have to remember or know about some of the basic functions of a Clan.

>Your cat must be an OC (Original Character), and you cannot play an already existing character from the books like Firestar or Graystripe.

>Your cat cannot have special powers unless designated by a prophecy from Starclan.

>Try to refrain from cursing too much. You can say "Dammit" and "Hell", but saying "Fuck" would be a little too far.

>You can't kill another player's character without talking about it first. If you want to have a battle, you have to at least discuss how you are going to have the fight before hand privately.

>Your cat can ONLY be in the four original clans or they can be a Tribe cat from the mountains or they can be a Rouge.

>Your cat CAN be a kittypet, but they cannot be a Kittypet for the entire story. At some point you will either have to make your Kittypet become a clan cat or a rouge.


> Warriors: If your cat is a Warrior, than that means they can fight, train, hunt, and even be picked to go to Gatherings regularly. Warriors are allowed to have mates and children in the future, and they are eligible for Deputy and Clan Leader. Warriors can have Apprentices, meaning they will have a younger less experienced cat that they are allowed to train.

>Apprentices: If your cat is an Apprentice, than it means they are still rather young and are training to become a warrior. All Apprentices are referred to with the word "Paw" at the end of their name (I.E Graypaw, Firepaw, Leafpaw, etc). Apprentices have regular duties inside of the Clan that include Hunting for the clan, and grooming the elders. Apprentices may also help Medicine Cats from time to time without necessarily being that Medicine Cats Apprentice. Apprentices are not often chosen to go to Gatherings straight away, and often times behavior and impressive fighting skills are the number 1 factors in an Apprentice becoming a Warrior. An Apprentices teacher can recommend ranking up an Apprentice to the Clan Leader at any time they deem fit. Though they are inexperienced, they are often the ones who get chosen for prophecies, as opposed to a senior Warrior.

>Medicine Cats (There can only be 4 Medicine Cats): If your cat is a Medicine Cat, than they shall never be able to have a mate or have children. Medicine Cats are forbidden from ever doing either of these things, and if a Medicine Cat is caught having done them, they can no longer serve as the Clan Medicine Cat. These cats know a lot about herbs and healing, and are the ones other cats go to when they are sick, in labor, or have a wound from battle. Even though they don't specialize in fighting, Medicine Cats will still spend time training and honing their fighting skills in case of an invasion from a rival Clan. Medicine Cats will get visions and dreams from Starclan whenever Starclan needs to tell the Clan Leader about something important. Every month, before a Gathering is to occur, all four Medicine Cats from the four Clans travel to the Moonstone in order to talk directly with Starclan. Medicine Cats are allowed to take Apprentices, and this is not something that Clan Leaders decide, surprisingly. A Medicine Cat may choose to take an Apprentice anytime they want to. If a Medicine Cat takes an Apprentice, they are also the ones responsible for Ranking that Apprentice up to a full fledged Medicine Cat. Once the senior Medicine Cat dies, only then will the former Apprentice Medicine Cat take the role as the Clan's Head Medicine Cat.

>Clan Leader (There can only be 4 Clan Leaders): If your cat is a Clan Leader, than that means that they are one of the few cats who have 9 lives. Clan Leaders are not born into a line of succession, they are chosen by former Clan Leaders through the Deputy title. If a Clan Leader dies, than whoever was their Deputy takes their place as Leader, and that is how Clan Leaders are chosen. Clan Leaders have a lot of duties, which include appointing Warrior names to Apprentices and speaking at Gatherings. A Clan Leader is given 9 lives by Starclan once they are chosen. This is a ritual which involves a Medicine Cat bringing them to the Moonstone in order for the Clan Leader to speak with Starclan themselves. Once this ritual is complete they receive their new name, which is always their old name but with "Star" added to the end (Firestar, Bluestar, Leopardstar, Etc.) Once a clan leader has 9 lives this means they have 9 lives to spare. If a Clan Leader is killed in battle immediately after receiving their 9 lives, they will be lifeless for a few seconds before coming back to life. Their wound may even be healed depending on how bad or dire it was. If a Clan Leader dies to illness with 9 lives, they will be cured of that sickness when they come back to life.

>Deputy (There can only be 4 Deputies): If your Cat is a deputy, it means that they are the right hand cat of the Clan Leader, Deputies have a lot to do around the Clan such as appointing hunting Patrols, marking borders, reporting any suspicious activity on their borders, checking in periodically with the Clan Leader etc. Deputies may even have Apprentices while serving the Clan Leader, which just means they have even more things to do on top of their already busy to-do list. If a Clan Leader is too ill or weak from battle to attend a Gathering, a Clan Deputy may speak on their Leader's behalf. If a Clan Leader loses their last life, than a Deputy must take their place as Clan Leader.

The wind blew harsh over the grassy moors of the Windclan border. Up, high in the sky, the moon and the stars shine brightly illuminating the world below them in a haze of silver light. One lone cat walks briskly through the breezy air, the starlight at his feet not even bending to the wills of the weather. He was a silver Maltese with long fur, and piercing blue eyes. Star dust gathered around his feet and clung to his pelt as he walked. The Starclan warrior looked across the open expanse once he reached the top of the tall hill he had been trying to reach.

I wonder who shall receive this message? He thought, looking at the borders of all the Clans. When he first arrived, he thought Windclan would surely be the right choice, but he wondered if they were up to this task.

A dangerous foe was coming to the forest in 12 moons time, and he had not yet chosen a cat to stop him. While it was true that Windclan had good warriors, they were not quite what he was looking for. Shadowclan had strong cats, but they were dealing with a persistent famine right now. Riverclan would be a secondary choice, but he couldn't see himself entrusting it ONLY to them, as they were dealing with a very nasty bout of Greencough. He thought about giving his message to Thunderclan, but they were far too paranoid about their borders, what with Shadowclan having a famine...

This will not do! He scolded himself. He tried and tried, but he couldn't come up with a satisfactory answer. Perhaps this is a task for all of them. He turned back to the Windclan border, and it was then that he had truly made up his mind.

I shall visit a cat from each clan, and tell them about the Foe to come in 12 moons time, he thought, running to the Windclan Camp. If they come together, than surely their strengths will outweigh their faults.