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Calling all Angel Dragons looking for art

Do you enjoy YCH's??

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Hey A.D lovers
Do you have a character that you really want art of???
I am currently selling my talent in the form of Badge/Bust Comms and YCH's
as of now I have unlimited Badge slots (unless I get overwhelmed)
I have 1 YCH that's currently up and Still open and one that's in the works and about to be posted
All comms are reasonably priced and won't break the bank (paypal only)
Looking for something other than what I have up currently? Just ask I don't bite!
Thanks for looking ^_^

Badges/ Busts: $5 USD
Koray Head.jpg

Alkira head.jpg
Zopyros Head.jpg

Ych's: Vary in price
Lets Dance YCH.jpg
Lets Dance Aries.jpg
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