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Calling all dragons!


I'm the black dragon warrior of your dreams
lol, well, they exist, i guess im lucky that im both anthropomorphic and quadromorphic, or however you spell that damn word, anyway, even as a dragon in full form, im very mammalistic, or, more specifically, human like, though i am still a dragon all the same, just with human attributes, not on a physical basis, but in my abillities, such as walking on my hind legs, talking in human tongue, eating and drinking using dishes, things like that, everything i can do as a human, i can do as a dragon too, though oddly enough, i do everything a lot better and more fluently in dragon form


I'm the black dragon warrior of your dreams
even with my tail, wings, talons/claws and all, its almost scary how much human i am in dragon form, im a dragon in all of its glory, but my humanistic abilities are very, very visable, im actually a better human in dragon form than i am in my human body


Noodle Fish
But i am skinny and like fatty dogs. They do not do much. So hooman form would be better. I look like a dog even in hooman form, i just wear clothing and walk on hind legs.
<-- a real picture of me.


I'm the black dragon warrior of your dreams
lol, awww....so damn cute and adorable, ya know, you actually remind me of a character on a british adult show called mongrels, i actually have it downloaded on my laptop


I'm the black dragon warrior of your dreams
im not going to eat you, i wouldnt think of it, i wouldnt dare too, unless, you mean ....something, somewhere else, specifically... lol :p ;) sorry, mind is in the gutter atm, lol, dont worry, im not going to eat or harm you at all, in any way, i couldnt possibly


Thrashing About
Welp, I didn't expect to see more posts here.

For those wondering, the Discord server is doing well albeit slow most of the time, but it has its active and hectic moments. We haven't been able to proceed to events because we lack a large base of active members, so until then, the server is just talking and chilling.

Here's an invite to those who are interested: Discord

Be sure to introduce yourselves!


Hi! I'm irritating!
Oh! Oh! Me! *jumps around, flailing wings* I want to join dragony things and goings ons!
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You can't just quote yourself! -Me
This seems like a cool idea. Would you mind tossing an invite my way?


peek-a-boo!!! I see you!
no no...i believe you meant to say especially the white and blue ones :p (jk, we are all awesome)