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Time Lord trainee
Camera man commissions for Fursuiters available. $22.00 per day plus the cost of a 32gb SD card per camera (please provide brand new cards only). Available in Toronto. Transportation assistance required if you are filming elsewhere.

It doesn't matter how many subscribers you have on your youtube channel, as long as you are 18 or older, can legally drive and have a good attitude and a plan. Then you qualify for my services!
I have 2 1080p cameras, one with a gimbal and one without. Both of them can shoot at 60fps and I have a external stereo microphone 20ft stereo extension cord, two mono pods and one tripod. Plus I have all the accessories required to set up a boom microphone setup if need be.

Please let me know if you are interested in making videos.


aka Cutter Cat
Too bad I live in Memphis, Tennessee. o_O