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Can’t decide between two palettes

Which is better?

  • Darker

    Votes: 9 100.0%
  • Lighter

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


Late Healer Ferret
I have been redesigning my fursona (part of why I finally caved and got an FA/FAF account) but I have ran into a problem. I don’t have a tablet and usually I do a really lineless style that looks a bit like cut up paper when I do digital as a result. I’ve worked pretty hard on that and everything, but now I want to practice lineart with my mouse.

The problem though is I had a color as a placeholder for a bit and I kinda like how it turned out? Here’s what I intended (left) and what I made (right) and I’d like to get opinions.


My whole sona was made to reflect me (hairstyle and ferret) and have tons of symbolism to all the ferrets I’ve had as pets and have lost. Their markings incorporate all three of my boys, two champagnes and a cinnamon. The eyes are to match my first boy and my albino that passed after a year from cancer. I was thinking the darker colors on the left for my oldest girl (a sable) and it kinda reminds me of when my dark eyed white was silver. The wings symbolize all the ferrets I’ve lost and keep with me.

I’ve tried every trick I know to help me decide between the two and I keep going back and forth. So I’d like to hear opinions if you have time!

Deleted member 111470

I like the darker one. Hair fits better with that color pattern.


Late Healer Ferret


Late Healer Ferret
I like the darker left one since matches with the hair ^^
Thank you for taking the time to come in~! It does seem to have all the votes too.