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Can anyone do a babyfur picture of me and my friend please

I am looking for a artist at could do me a FREE babyfur commission for both me and my friend please.

My friend is Astusthefox he is a red fox with a white belly and black ears he is a babyfur and can also be a sissy. He is cute and adorable and I will also give him the link for this thread once I post it.
He wants me to

"i just ask that when you post the picture or what have you that you give me proper credit for my character."
I hope I have.

Then there is me.

Here is Astusthefox ref www.furaffinity.net: Astus's New Reference ^-^ by Astusthefox
one of the pictures someone commissioned for him www.furaffinity.net: Playtime by Astusthefox

Then there is mine I want mine in cub form as a babyfur I am Angellothefox I do not have a ref sheet
Here is my pictures www.furaffinity.net: Wales Angello rather sad by Angellothefox
www.furaffinity.net: Falling asleep by Angellothefox

If you can give us a free commission with both charecters in that would be great. I will PM you about what I would want.

Astus if you want anything you can comment the artist or PM them like me.
Thank you