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Can anyone help me with mod for Skyrim ?


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Welp... English is not my native language (you just should know it in case of misunderstanding).
I wanna find mod for character editor without limits. I mean ... i just wanna make my character bigger ( i know about one command, but it's just make him higher), his muscles bigger :3 . I tried to find something like this in steam workshop, but found nothing. So, mod like i want exist ? if yes, where to find it ?


Little Sergal Hermit
I use a mod called RaceMenu that expands the character editor. I believe it does let you adjust muscle size but if you don't do it right you get a pretty odd looking character. You find it on Skyrim nexus here: www.nexusmods.com: RaceMenu If you don't already have it you'll have to install Skyrim Script Extender or else it won't work.