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Can anyone recommend me some good music?


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Booka Shade is good pick anything above 2008 if you don’t want completely repetitive start with the Eve album.

If that’s not your scene then I’ll suggest Caravan Palace and then Parov Stelar.

If you still want more I’ll throw out Cut Copy, and maybe if you want truly odd electro synth pop go for Tesla Boy. Must that is on the spectrum of bright neon so hard my homosexual friend couldn’t handle it.

So yes I’m a man of many tastes.

Hell Id joyfully recommend Bing Crosby and the Ink Spots.

Oh and the Royal Republic.


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Roose Hurro

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Any of TheFatRat's stuff, this one in particular:

Pentatonix <3

And some VGM thrown in for good measure :D


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Well, I'm more of a Synthwave and Eurobeat type. Fancy either or both genres? Great!
Two of each for good measure.

Oh, and I'm a total weeaboo/dweeb. Can't have enough of that Japanese Animu. :3
Here's my current "Song of the month".

Monsieur Doveteux

The Local Grammarian

I don’t have a very distinct taste, but these are songs I enjoy.


Shekel collector

Not everybody likes this type of music of course but i still hope you will enjoy


Since you don't listen to heavy metal, that's going to be tough, but what do you think about this kind of weird shit?

Roose Hurro

Lovable Curmudgeon