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Can gimbal track fursuits?


I've always wanted a gimbal for making vids, etc., such as something like this, since I don't have another person to help me do the shooting, but I don't know if it does track while wearing a fursuit, especially wearing fullsuits (without the need of wearing something else on the person to have the gimbal track it, such as a chip). For those who does have one and have tried it out, I'd like to know if it does work. Would hate to try it out and find out that it doesn't, and potentially waste money down the drain since I have no other use for it.
Doesnt matter if its a person, a suiter, a statue on wheels. It's just an AI tracker, it can follow whatever
Do you happen to own one yourself? Are you saying that it'll track whatever moves?
I don't own one, but I know how they work. If you don't believe me, a quick search on google or YouTube can confirm what I'm saying