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Can I draw for you?


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I've decided to jump into the Fur Affinity world and would love to start taking commissions for art! At the moment, I don't really have any examples of my art and would love to draw any of your fur babies and use them as examples! There would absolutely be no charge! Please just note me or reply with your character if you are willing to let me draw them and use them either for pricing sheets or practice! I will send you the full res image once I am done. The art could be a sketch, chibi, bust, full rendered image, etc. Tips are appreciated if you decide to do so! Thank you in advance!


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Thank you so much for opportunity! What kind of char u prefer? I whish to see my Rabitcorns as feral. Even have some references for that. But if u like antro more...


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You're welcome to check my gallery and make use of the ref sheets there, if you like them.


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You still open? I've got two characters

The first one also has a crappy ref sheet I need to update