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Can I get a couple art piece?


My mate has lung cancer, would anyone be willing to do a drawing for us? If so, I can give a ref


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Smol Pika
idk the circumstances - like true or not i dont think u can add "tear jerkers" to ur threads or titles - i mean ur not gonna get anymore art just cause u have one leg u know? XD anyway what are u looking for in this pic? like a loving headshot like u have there? or full body - hand holding or what?
Not gonna lie, you seem kinda like a dick/rude person... No one asked for your comments on their thread, if you have nothing nice to say don't even bother replying to their thread.


Smol Pika
well thanks ur not the first to take my words outta context or the last

can say the same about u

i offered a warning before they got a strike or something worse... alll in all u can say what u want its not gonna bother me
I was just saying, didn't need to reply