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Can I get some help?

Hello there!
I am new... sort of. I used to be on deviantart, and I had decent exposure, but I took a 6 year hiatus and started again here. I am just wondering what the best way to get exposure is. I really don't want to draw my sona again and again, but I also don't want to open up requests as my end goal is to gain commissions.

Basically, do you think it would be a good idea for me to just draw random sonas that I see and think are cool, or is there some other method you think I should do? Basically I am really wondering how to gain my exposure back because so far I have zero.

Thanks in advance for any responses, it means a lot!


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I believe in most cases, you shouldn't draw other peoples' sonas. It's sort of intellectual property. I personally joined a few furry discord servers. Maybe look at other people's art instead of your own? Just make sure not to force yourself back into the fandom, it may turn out you're not as interested as you once were.


The cat said what?
You can draw other fursonas just remember to ask first. Most people would love some art.
Are there other fandoms you like? People search for art of their favourite shows and games.
It is also a good idea to share your art everywhere. Tumblr, instagram, relavant facebook group, amino apps and what else you got.


You could also do what I did and draw some video game related creatures (for me it was skyrim and Final Fantasy)


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Draw fanart, your own characters, or do requests for other characters. Maybe do art streaming. Make sure to make connections with in the fandom, just be friendly. Be active and post frequently. Also cross posting is super helpful. Could also do something publicly like a raffle for art.