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Can I see your fursona?


Aww thanks guys! The idea was mine and the original design was by NeonSlushie! This reference sheet however, I commissioned from Muttasaur. :3


Still trying to draw, slowly
Well, I've only got the two of them....
My avatar, and this one (Which I tried myself, and took forever, and really didn't come out all that great...)


Hello, Proto
I have a prototype I built in a web-app called Heromachine.
It's what my current avatar is from.
I'll eventually have someone draw it up, but money's tight and this is just fine for now.

I have a 3-D render from Heroforge based on it somewhere...


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Jason Forestfox

Hello ^-^
Open your eyes
Look up to my avatar and seeeeeeeeeeeeee
I'm just a poor fox (Fox!)
I need no sympathy.
'Cause I'm easy come, easy go,
Little high, little low.
Anyway the wind blows, it doesn't really matter to me......
To meeee

Oh crap, I'm singing Queen again aren't I?
I'm a simple fox, I see a Queen reference, I upvote it immediately :)


Hello, Proto
Here's the render I promised.
I must have deleted it earlier by mistake.
Eventually I'll buy it and paint it up all pretty.


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This is Jiffy, the same fursona in my profile pic! I was toggling with color filters at the time so she's a bit rosy. Very quick so lines aren't perfect but you've gotta love the AESTHETIC MEMENESS, dude!
\(^ o^)/ < woot woot! > \(^o ^)/

Hi! I hope you don't mind, I'm practicing my paper cutting and used your image as my first piece


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