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Can I see your fursona?


Classy cat
@Caraid you have a super gorgeous style oh man, I am gonna have to watch you when FA comes back on. XD <3 Well, if I don't already follow you... XD
Love your pencil work too! omg. Such beautiful linnesss~ *gushes*

Ah, thanks so much! You can follow me on Twitter if you like (@CaraidArt) while FA is down. A fair amount of my stuff is on there :).


Feathered Jester
The first drawing I did of her:



Toasted Goodness
@maddoxx I love the style~ Gonna have to creep on more when FA revives~ XD

@Caraid Oh man, me and twitter are a little at odds. Mine is such a mess. I'll just have to wait for FA to harass you properly. XD <3
I will check out your work on there though~ 8D!

@Reika omg you art is so pretty~ ;o;!!!

Jazz Panther

Swing the Mood!


~Tricky Candy Pup~
I can't even color my characters in. :'3 Neither can I draw on my computer because I don't have a tablet.


New Member
@Toastiekins aa omg ty I'm flattered, I stalked your art-blog and dude your drawings are p awesome??
looking forward to seeing your art in my inbox on fA <3

@Reika awesome and unique art style!! your fursona looks adorable as well <3 what's your handle on fA if I may ask? I'd love to stalk your art >:3c


No you cannae no see my fursona >:c



An exact copy of me IRL except the being a tiger part. owo

Koeth or Koko for short is a white tiger kitten actually made of Pharmaceuticals Primarily Oxycodone 5-325. He assists Dr.Elohiim by being is portable pharmacy, leeching any type of chemical or medicine through his fur by rubbing up against patients purring. This does two things, 1.Boosts the morale of the sick by being nuzzled by a kitten and 2.Administers medicine cheaply and more rapidly.He literally is a Drug Kitten, it's why his eyes are Dilated and huge.....suck on that Teva and Pfizer!

Evo is my Alien white tiger kitten.