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Can I see your fursona?

Here's the newest commission I got of me~

If you'd like to see more art of me for shits and giggles, also to know the backstory of Lionotto, Come visit Userpage of lionotto -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

An exact copy of me IRL except the being a tiger part. owo

Koeth or Koko for short is a white tiger kitten actually made of Pharmaceuticals Primarily Oxycodone 5-325. He assists Dr.Elohiim by being is portable pharmacy, leeching any type of chemical or medicine through his fur by rubbing up against patients purring. This does two things, 1.Boosts the morale of the sick by being nuzzled by a kitten and 2.Administers medicine cheaply and more rapidly.He literally is a Drug Kitten, it's why his eyes are Dilated and huge.....suck on that Teva and Pfizer!

Evo is my Alien white tiger kitten.
Evo and Koeth are so adorable! :D
I might explode from the cuteness! :eek:

Sergei Nóhomo

Spicey Memes
Here's a scribble I did of Rinku:

And a Rick And Morty-esque commission from my friend ValveState300:

(The joke is that a forest fire started in Alberta recently.)

You know what? I fucking love these and that's saying some shit. The expression is just too perfect holy shit


Reluctant Conversationalist

This piece isn't drawn by me. It's drawn by Melbaka on FA/DA (Check her out, she's awesome!), but it's my favourite depiction of her at the moment. I haven't finished her real ref sheet yet, and I'm working on my style so all my depiction of her are all so different, haha!
But this is Lea, my grumpy golden tiger.


That Laid Back Chick
There she is.


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