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Can I strip colored fur of its color


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I have an old Sully ( monsters inc) costume from like.... Late 1990 or early 2000s and , because I have no money left from plastic canvas and foam, I can't buy any more fur so I wanted to use the costume. It's FULL of fur. The only problem is my furry has black and red fur. I know how to dye fur but can I bleach the costume or something. I just need it to be white so I can dye it.


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That's an interesting question. Bleach can certainly lighten colours, but it might also damage the clothing.

I'm not sure and it may depend on the chemistry of the dye. If it is a disperse dye [which may be the case if it is on an acrylic material] then chlorine bleaches in an acidic medium will make them lose colour value. http://dyeingworld1.blogspot.co.uk/2010/01/disperse-dyes.html

However I think it's likely that bleaches will damage acrylic fibre; many fursuit guides state explicitly to never use them.

Try bleaching a small square of the material to see if it works.