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Can someone draw out my children please


This is the best I can do for details and a reffrance I have 1 reffrance picture of them but as taurs I will be posting that picture reffrance as well. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4231613/

Lukan- First born fo the four. Smart hamdsome and dashing. his pelt is of the rainbow kind with spots rubbing along his body. his member is slick and thick ranging from between 8 inchs in feral 10 in ahtro and a foot and a half in taur. he now has trible markings along his arms to show that he is a man in his tribe. His sexual preffrance is gay

Tserin- Second born of the four. His quick sly sneaky and charming. His pelt is that of blue and orange. he as well suports the spots of his father Wagger. his body is slinder and more built for running. His member is long and fat ranging from 9 in feral 11 in anthro and a foot and 8 inchs in taur. he has yet to take the trails of the tribe to become a male. he rather spend much of his time teaseing and suduceing the other males and even females of the tribe. his sexual preffrance is BI.

Terric- Third born of four. he is shy weak and timmed prefuring to stay in the back ground and watch his brothers and others of the tribe. His pelt is that of a cream candy color with hints of blue running along his mane and back. He has dark brown socks on his hands and feet. His member is the smallest of the 4 born. it ranges from 5 in feral 8 in anthro and 11 in taur. He as well has yet to take the traile of the tribe to become a man. Spending to much of his time hiding or off reading a book. His sexual preffrance is tri. meanign he will try anything and every thing at lest once.

Samic- The forth of the four born. He is snutty crule bad and down right a bad boy to the bone. His pelt is that of a dark red with a light blue running along his back and mane. His member is 8 and a half in feral 11 in anthro and a foot and 4 inchs in taur. Do to his nature and mood the king of the tribe his own father refuses to allow him to take the trail of manhood for he fear that the power and rank will fo to Samics head. His sexual preffrance is gay with a light leaning to herms.

Thanks to anyone that agrees to do this for me