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Can someone help me with Dead Rising?


New Member
I am playing Dead Rising and I am facing Isabel on the bike and I can't seem to win this fight. There is NOTHING I can do at all apparently to win. What do I have to do kill the bike?
Find the nailgun on the scaffolding and shoot her in the face over and over. That's one way. Stay up on the scaffolding so she can't run you over, she'll shoot you though, so bring plenty of juice/milk or quickstep.

Or you could just slice her good if you have the chainsaws from the Clown battle. :B


I simply just hid behind a picece of scaffolding and snipped her every time she rode in front of it trying to hit me.


There is a box containing cans next to another box thats ajacent to a ramp of scaffolding. Jump ontop of the box and hang out there. The computer cant really get the angle right to run over you when she tries driving sideways off of the ramp, so your safe from that. Bring a jug of juice and three Pistols, or a heavy machine gun (The one the convict has) most of this now is waiting until she stalls a bit before riding up the ramp your standing next to. When she comes down the ramp, she'll turn, wait, and then drive up the ramp again. when she does this... Plug her in the face.