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Can someone offer critique on this line art?

Hello! If anyone could offer some critique or advice I'd greatly appreciate it! I don't do much anthro art and have given it another try. This is vector line art. Human/anthro poses are really hard for me. Thanks!
Wow, that does make a big difference.. looks much more natural. Thanks so much, definitely going to implement this tip going forward :) ! Appreciate it!

I like your style, reminds me of linocut printing. I'd say the main issue is the head is too big, and the top of the hips should be wider so the iliac crest has a place to live. I did a quick resize and liquify on the left figure.
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While strange and almost chibi looking you do have solid form in line art. Build on it and explore other things as this muscle grows you do have some talent here.


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That lineart doesn't look bad, I noticed that you added some details (the character's fur, for example) and that's nice, it gives a better view of your drawing.

My only problem is... You have to vary the size of the pencil you use for the lineart, it's very thick, and that's not really a problem, but if you want a better aesthetic, it's important to change the size of the pencil to be smaller in some areas like the face, and sometimes the fur itself. Good luck!