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Can someone suggest me artists with unique styles?


Snell is Life
I see a lot of furry artists that use the iconic "furry" style, which is beautiful! But I like to see a lot of variety. Suggest some anthro/furry artists (EPECIALLY COMIC ARTIST) that have interesting styles to me. Sfw is preferred but not needed.


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
This is going to be a shameless plug, but whatever... My own take on furry things is different from the most, I think. Maybe it could interest you. It's CGI realism pushed to the limits, just with enough stylization to keep it (hopefully) aesthetically pleasing. Think those Orangina commercials. There's quite a bit of NSFW in my gallery, but of a very mild kind. And while there are no comics, there are some short animations instead.


Succumbing to her own psychosis
I am not an artist. Unless stick figures count. I can make some mean stick figures. And smiley faces.

However, I have commissioned several artists thanks to coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns. I like style variety and update my FA gallery and dA gallery with them routinely. Furry Me and Putting Myself Out There are the storehouses for commissioned art I have gotten back on dA. Commissioned pieces also have links to artist galleries and/or contact information.


I don't know what kind of style you're after, but here are some artists whose work I enjoy and who have an interesting or striking style:
Lilaira: Furaffinity DeviantArt (She does some gore too, beware if you're sensitive to that)
Eyrich/Tiny: Furaffinity Twitter (he's most active on Twitter. he does NSFW too)
Tirrel/Cerberus: Furaffinity Twitter
Cocadope: Furaffinity Twitter
Silverfox5213: Furaffinity Twitter (they're pretty famous and might have a more of a furry style but it's a definite and striking style nonetheless)
Haps: Furaffinity Twitter (beware of NSFW)
Stigmata: Furaffinity Twitter (does NSFW too. He also speaks about and deals a bit with harder topics of trauma and psychology, so be cautious of your sensibilities)
Wren: Twitter Tumblr (I don't even know if she's a furry or not, but there are some anthros in her work)


Well-Known Chee
If you have instagram, I absolutely love _.cream._.soda._'s style. It's super unique and very cool.
Here's a few examples:
cream soda.JPG
cream soda 2.JPG

I also love faunhorn's style - they don't have many followers but they definitely deserve more! Here's a few examples of their art (they do some gore occasionally, so just a warning):
faunhorns 2.JPG

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I'm...somewhat unique? I'm a beginner artist though. I dunno, I just developed this style by accident and am trying to adapt to it. I'm sure it would be good for comics if I decided to feel like making one.

Still working on it and sometimes I get disheartened, but this is what I prefer to work with lol.


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