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Can you dance?


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I love to dance. And I'm not bad at it apparently. I even dance in public when I have my ipod handy. I like to figure out which shuffling and hand movements go together well and how to generate a sense of flow. I try to get some of my friends and family to dance with me too. Y'know out of all the things I do, I enjoy dancing the most. I find that strange...

I thought of being a dancer when I was younger, and actually wanted to try ballet, but my folks wouldn't have it. So I just kinda learned other types of dance. Hip-Hop to be exact. I have a friend who is a dancer and I love to watch her perform. She's so talented. She even taught me some stuff before. Still can't moonwalk though...

So uh, do you guys dance? Well?


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No, I'm too white.


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I can dance if I try, I just need the right music.


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So uh, do you guys dance? Well?
We can dance if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
Cause your friends don't dance
And if they don't dance
Well they're no friends of mine

In a more serious answer I can dance like fucking crazy. The three things I am best at is breakdancing, tapdance and riverdance. Like you would have to sell your soul to satan to be able to riverdance better than me. If the devil ever went down to louisiana to gamble for people's souls and challenge me to a riverdance competition I would walk away with a brand pair of gold shoes.
I lack the mental abilities to simply dance on my own. It just doesn't compute for me. It's like trying to explain sight to someone that was born blind.

Or not, but you get what I mean.


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I wouldn't call it "dancing"... More like flopping around.

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I used to be able to DnBstep.
Then later, I had a dance course in which we dabbled about with various classic dances and I got an A for that.


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I can pole dance - is that the same thing?

other than that, my dancing abilities are terrible. I have the passion and the rhythm and the enthusiasm, but completely lack the flexibility, knowledge and guidance to be any kind of good at regular dancing.


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Oooh my gosh. All the amazing threads show up when I'm sleeping!
Finally! A thread my signature was perfectly designed for! I've been waiting so, so long...

Dancing is awesome. I always ask if somebody likes to dance. They always say that they can't do it.
"Fool!" I tell them. Everyone can dance! You just got to feel the magic of music jivin' through your soul, and let it out through the motion of your body!

Let that magic flow through yourself, like an otter flows so beautifully through the waters...

Can you shimmy 'n' shake? You can dance.
Can you jiggle or wiggle? You can dance.
Can you jive better than the hive? You can dance.
Can you do the flow and make people go "whoa"? You can dance!

I might just dance right now...

We can dance!


Maybe, if properly motivated...

also: Man, I wonder where the hell Hewge is for this?

Dance, Wrobel! Dance!
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I can do the Carlton. That's kind of like dancing.
Fuck yeah man, if you can't do the Carlton you simply cannot dance!

On topic, I used to dance a shit ton at raves with my DJ crew back in the 90s. I was the guy that did liquid/pop n lock, pretty damn good too. Ahh 90s raves, how I miss them so. My friends Mike n' Ike(that was their names, not the candy)were the breakers and the other 2 did a mix of jungle step and acid(an oldschool version of liquid/pop n lock).

Nowadays I really don't do much other than jumping up and down and flailing my arms about. At con dances, aka "raves", I try to do my old style in fursuit. It's hard because I don't do it nearly as often as I used to and it's hard to see what I'm doing in suit with track lights and lasers blasting me in my face balls. I've been told I'm awesome at dancing in suit, so I guess I'm doing something right. \:3/


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Yet again im too late in a dance thread to recite the Safety Dance lyrics, damn you Cannon...

S, S, S, S, A, A, A, A, F, F, F, F, E, E, E, E, T, T, T, T, Y, Y, Y, Y,....


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My attempts look like Bambi on ice. Backwards. So as time goes on, i just get worse and worse.


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I can't dance. I try to get some sort of flow while rollerskating, like dropping low and moving my hands as if I have some sort of swagger, but it usually makes me look like an idiot. Ain't NOBODY got time for that.