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Candy Shag Tail (FOR SALE)

Monti Columba

New Member
Hey, im looking to sell this candy shag tail i made. Its my first tail and im not sure what to sell it for so make some offers if youre interested please <3

It is polyester stuffing (polyfill) filled with an elastic belt loop sewn in. The belt loop is small so i could possibly handsew a larger loop on. Its hard for me to get my belt into. It was machine sewn with the closing handsewn. The loop is on the base of the tail part rather than a loop that comes from the top of the tail base if that makes sense. It is not shaved anywhere so the fur is its original length. You can do whatever youd like to it once you have it though (obviously lol). This tail is a little under 2 feet in length. One of the pictures are of me wearing it, i am 5'10"

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