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Canine head on resin base


New Member
Hola folks, attached is two photos of a work in progress head that was originally meant to be a husky. It WILL be completely redone after I finish up the body suit. Originally it had less paint as well, but I decided to experiment since I would be refurring anyway. The ears will be narrowed and shifted further apart, padding will be used to widen the head just a bit. The pattern will be redone to be more husky like with the green and purple portions narrowed.

The base is a DVC Large K9, as is the nose and eyes and all that. Eyes and nose were painted by me.

This is my first suit.




The Creationist of Monsters
Whoa, this is beautiful!! I don't understand why you would want to redo it?? I think this looks great as it is, very colorful and adds character I especially enjoy the paint job you did on the eyes, they're very pretty!