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Canine World -big dump (2d/3d art)


I decided to post my personal project. Basically it's a dog inhabited world, many races, but main focus here is one village where Border Collies live. Main character is Miles and his friend Lily, theyre both around ~12/13 in human years - so children. I have some ideas about the story but im just very shy when it comes to telling my own stories... but here it is. Also i'd appreciate any ideas/comments :3

Miles lives alone in the house, inherited from his parents. Has an older brother who lives in town. Lily lives with her aunt and is gifted with nature-controlling powers (and she aint too pleased about it because, well it comes with responsibility!)

And heres their houses (hope you can guess who lives where?)

Inside - Miles' kitchen and Lily's living room/inside layout. Those were first perspective drawings i did aswell so they may be a bit stiff~ :c

Town sketch, ugly old art. Also Miles&Lily live at the outskirts so their houses aint there.
to be continued in the next post~


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Here is some more room designs/character development.

Lily sneaks up on sleeping Miles. He's been workng all night~

He's interested in alchemy. Basically studying and reading books and magic and also hoarding stuff


But were is the 3d you might ask?
Well, here are some environment concepts for the houses~and exteriors

And stuff put together inside UnrealEngine. Here is some very early version:

and progress~~

and heres Miles zbrush sculpt, its far from finished.. but clothes turned out to be really challenging

Soo i'd appreciate any comments/ideas/critiques. Especially when it comes to story (i know i havent really said anything about it but its hard ok :d)
That's awesome!

Whats your plan with it, want to turn it into a game? Please say yes >:3
Heh, you sure you wouldn't like to try? You have a lot done, pity to leave it completely static, and making something out of this house and characters could be nice practice. As long as its something small and simple, I would definitely encourage you to go for it :3

I don't know Unreal Engine sadly, but I do know Unity, so if you wanted to try this one, I could quickly set you up with some kind of controller for character to get you started with fully controllable character (not sure how you envision it, TPP or point and click or something else, everything can be done). I could help with programming stuff in general, since programming is what I do :3