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Can't find post: League of Legends Vore Flash


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(Reposted from thread made in the wrong board)
There was a vore flash animation I like that I can't find anymore. The flash used League of Legends characters, I personally did not enjoy that game so I'm going to check the website for each character I can recognize.
I think the title was "Noob Feeders, Please Uninstall".


Okay, so I think the pred in the flash animations was a character named Anivia, it's a big blue ice bird thing. I say it's a pred but the character was being fed other champions.

Now this next one I may be mistaken on but I'm pretty sure the feeder was a character named Soraka. She was on top of Anivia's belly tossing down champions into her mouth.

Okay the animation is the same for all of them but I think it was random which characters were prey. Pretty sure there were only three but my memory may be wrong. Anyway the prey I remember are:

- Amumu
- Poppy
- Teemo

Again I don't play the game so I may have misidentified some of them. That and it's been a long time since I've seen the flash.