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Notes Problem: Can't read my PMs


I have new PMs and I can't read them. When I click on my inbox, it automatically goes to the outbox and I can't switch between the two for some reason. I've tried opening new tabs, copying the link and repeatedly clicking on the inbox link.

edit: as a tempfix I can read them on another browser, but it's still not working on firefox...
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I fixed it on Opera by deleting the cookies related to "folder". You can flush all cookies if you don't know how to delete a specific cookie.


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Having a problem with notes too, except I can't access my archive.


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Clear your cookies. Jesus Christ people, even the huge ass admin notice on the mainsite says what you need to do to fix the problem.

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Yak, I have now concluded out of the FA staff you are "that awesome one".


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:< anyone else have a working inbox but a perpetually empty Sent Items box? clearing cookies doesn't work either