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Submission Problem: Can't Submit & upload mp3 (6.97MB)- :V

I been trying to upload an mp3, for the FA Audio meme thing.

But for some odd reason, it wont load, and be submitted, it ether times out, or or error.

and this shouldn't happen...

Its 6.97 MB (max on FA is 10MB)

the file works, so thats not the prob, its mp3 format, i know that for sure.

So i am wondering if its more of a problem on the sites behalf, since i have been able to upload audio in the past, and have good internet, so i would not think its on my end, not sure though.

i use firefox, and it hasnt uploaded, so i was thinking maybe its a browser issue, but its not, cuz google chrome didn't upload it ether.

i am running out of idea's of what the hell is the reason it won't be uploaded, and its a bit frustratings, since it fits the requirements...

Any idea whats up? is there a way to fix or solve this?

or am i screwed, and cannot upload said file? :s


The Immortal Demon
Something similar has happened to me. Every time I try and submit a sound file, it uploads, then just sits that with that weird revolving circle, and sits there.... and sits there....

It's .wav 2.43MB and not exactly some ungodly length.

It's frustrating to see everyone else having no trouble while I can't ;[

Archibald Ironfist

Mugly Fother
You are hardly the only ones.


Your standard Nerd
Same here, but with .wav files.


Site Developer
Please do not upload .wav files to FA.
Aside from the fact that the flash-based mp3 player would not be able to play them, the internet in general will hate you for trying to upload an uncompressed raw sound file.

Upload problem with files larger then 6Mb is conformed, and it being worked on.