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(Commission) Selling: Carrotplush's Commissions $15-$80 USD



Additional Characters are extra cost**

DM me for details. I accept Paypal, Square. Payment is upfront.

After a clean sketch for final three changes can be made.

I hold rights to the artwork - you can print for personal use but commissioners do not have the right to reproduce, resell or alter.

Full refunds are not applicable after final sketches are done, partial refund is available.

Allowed: gore, nsfw

Not allowed: Offensive content.

I may use art for personal promotion, DM me if you'd like it to remain private.


Reference Sheets: $60 for simple, $80 for complex

Name :
Paypal email :
Type of commissions :
How many characters : 1-3
Background : white/transparent/solid color
References* : pose/background/links etc
Any Specific wishes/details you want to include:
Can I upload the commission online? yes/no