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"Server Mom"
Carrot's Corner

Carrot's Corner is a furry discord server with over 150 members, and is open to everyone, including you!​

Why should you join our server?
  • A hard-working, and humorous staff team makes sure to keep everything in check!
  • A list of common sense rules, for both voice chat and text.
  • We host Giveaways, games, events, and other fun mishaps led by the staff team.
  • Select roles that show species, hobbies, and more.
  • Socialize with other artists, youtubers, and roleplayers!
  • Separate NSFW chat, keeping our main chats SFW.
  • We always love getting some new blood in our server!
How do you run things?

We like to have an incredibly lax environment for people to just chill, after all, the server was made for fun. Our staff team likes to interact with everyone in the server to the best of our ability, and welcome them when they join, of course. We will, however, act if something goes wrong, or if someone is causing trouble.​

What is with... Carrots?

When the server was made about a year ago, it was a small chat for the owner and one other furry, and was named after Konach's old sona, CarrotJuice. Eventually, the name and ranks became obsolete and unrelated to the actual contents of the server, but were kept due to the memories attached. So do not worry, our server population does not consist of anthropomorphic carrots.​

Can I advertise my art and/or Youtube in your server?

Of course! Our server was created not just for fun, but to benefit those around us as well! Carrot's Corner helps those that help it, so feel free to post ads for your art or otherwise. However, posting links to other servers is not allowed.​

Thank you for reading our essay of an ad, and we hope to see you in Carrot's Corner(our link is the title above)!
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