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cartoons you lived on as a kid


kleptomaniac for knowledge
Everyone has at least one favourite tv show or cartoon they binge watched as a kid like me with skatooni and total drama, * you know already just cut to the point* what was your favourite cartoon as a kid, and let me just point out Kids

Ringo the Wolf

A lone wolf.
Cartoon Network heh... That's good one, I don't see it anymore on my TV *nostalgia*


Cat dog, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Samurai Jack, Dragon Ball Z, Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, Angry Beavers, The Wild Thornberries, and American Dragon Jake Long

Marius Merganser

The Duke of Birds
I can only choose one out of the entire Disney Afternoon and Fox Kids after-school cartoon blocks which I watched religiously!?

Either the original Ducktales or Tiny Toon Adventures.

Maybe Animaniacs.

Or possibly Darkwing Duck.


Off the bench
Ed edd n Eddy, SpongeBob SquarePants, Simpsons, Timon and pumba, Digimon (name any season, I've watched it) courage the cowardly dog and the super old toons I have on DVD like Popeye


Hello, Proto
Digimon was probably it.
I had a lot of toys, even had an original Digivice (before Digimon was a tv show)
Speaking of, those are being re-released the beginning of next month. Deffo getting one ;D


Off the bench
Digimon was probably it.
I had a lot of toys, even had an original Digivice (before Digimon was a tv show)
Speaking of, those are being re-released the beginning of next month. Deffo getting one ;D
If I got Digimon merch. I would like to get a plushie... Though I don't know if I want renamon, gatomon or guilmon


If you can lick it, it's probably safe
I had comics, not cartoons. I feel old ;-;

Spooderman and ROM where my favorite comics, first cartoon I got into was probably... Goodness, southpark perhaps? Way back when it was shockingly counter-culture and PTA meetings were held about banning it heh

The Matte-Black Cat

Dark/Psychic-Timid Nature-Often lost in thought
Rugrats and Chowder were my absolute favs..

Kinda enjoyed the old SpongeBob..but hate the new episodes, good Lord..

Getting older (into my 20's....:D) I began to watch Ren and Stinpy like crazy until it got pulled off Hulu (I believe)...I honestly don't mind Teen Titans Go despite nearly EVERYONE hating it..

But other than that, I stopped watching tv overall. I'm a cord-cutter and only watch stuff on YouTube as of now.


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Ren and Stimpy, Spongebob, South Park, Beavis and Butthead and The Simpsons. Anything that was raunchy, offensive or strange I would cling to like a rotten putrid slug


Anarcho-Punk Derg
Wait, there was more on TV than just Mr. Black and Mr. White's Squiggly Line Show?


I draw and I mander - axolotl
For me it depends on which part of my childhood. The first third would be Arthur, the second third would be Spongebob, and the last third would be Animaniacs. I remember staying up until midnight to watch reruns of it on NickToons.

I was fond of Rugrats, Cat Dog, Angry Beavers, and Hey Arnold, but I would get tired of them if I watched for more than 2 episodes in a row.


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Jonny Quest. Hands down. One of the reasons I love the venture brothers so much.


[asthmacat loved that]
pb & j otter & dragon tales when i was very young i remember being my favorite. spongebob of course, powerpuff girls, courage the cowardly dog, my gym partner’s a monkey, rugrats, life as a teenage robot, catdog. there’s definitely more i just can’t think of em

blue sky love

Ren and Stimpy
Rocko's Modern Life
The Angry Beavers
Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
Blue's Clues
Gullah Gullah Island
Are You Afraid of the Dark


Mostly cartoons from the 90s namely Rugrats, Wild Thornberries, The Simpsons, Dexter's Laboratory, Hey Arnold, Johnny Bravo.