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Caryatid's Commissions: Characters/Costumes/Environments/Backgrounds


Hi everybody! I'm Caryatid, and I'm an illustrator and (outside of furry stuff) comic artist. You can check out my work at my Furaffinity, or my art thread here on these forums!

I specialize mostly in drawing avians and some felines, although I am open to drawing other animal and character types as well (including humans and humanoids) . I work well with outfits and costumes with lots of intricate detail, and am very good at researching specific types of clothing/gear/equipment etc. in order to add more believable detail. So... if you've ever wanted to have a drawing of your fursona decked out in luxurious 18th century wear, or in that one awesome outfit you saw on the internet once that you could never afford in real life, I'm your pal for that ;D





Like it says, I include a price range because obviously there will be some variation and negotiation depending on how complex the picture will be. I'm fine with PDA/romance as long as it stays in the SFW range.

Payment is through PayPal only. If you're interested in commissioning a piece, message me and I'll let you know my email privately!

Thank you all for reading <3