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Cast Resin Mask Blanks! - Canine ON SALE NOW


I'm going to be offering Cast Resin Canine/Vulpine/Lupine/Whatever Mask Blanks. These are very light-weight; more specfically, these are made of Urethane plastic.


-These can be used as-is for a very thin-faced look, or you can add foam to the cheeks, brow, and wherever else to give it a more personalized and expressive look! Add a frown, a smile, or maybe something just plain snarky.

-There is a nose included on a mask, but it is rather petite; you can sculpt over this with paperclay if you'd like a different look.

-The mask was originally made to accommodate tear-duct vision but CAN be used with toony eyes for a semi-realistic look.

GO HERE for slots, pricing, and more photos!

Please ask any and all questions you may have ON THE LIVEJOURNAL POST.