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cats are smelly


Dream a little dream of me..
I smell like blueberries.

And I agree.

Cats usually aren't particularly stinky. Apart from tuna breath, they're normally alright. However there are some horrible ear infections that can cause your entire house to stink if the cat enters. My cat TarTar had one of those infections after he ran away for a bit. His ear insides were like.... orange, and I literally vomited upon him coming in the house. It was absolutely disgusting.

But dogs smell worse. But only because they're bigger. If cats and dogs were the same size, I'm sure they'd smell the same.

By the way, all threads meant to be serious aren't. And all threads meant to be not serious, are.


I resent that! I smell rather nice and have a following of people who like to smell me (non furry friends at that)

QQ more.
The majority of furries have poor hygiene.

If you know how to use soap and deodorant, good for you. Also, creepy friends.


It's true. I've never met a cat that smelled bad on it's own. All dogs smell gross though.

Bir said:
If cats and dogs were the same size, I'm sure they'd smell the same.
Wrong. I've met small dogs that smell bad. Dogs just smell bad period.