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Cats' Paw Island 2D Graphical Chats site.


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Cats Paw Island is a 2D avatar roleplay & chat site, where various felines run wild!
We allow both roleplaying and chatting in every public room, giving the users an option on what they'd like to partake in.

Will you see a munchkin cat sunbathing on the outskirts of a big city, a rabbit camouflaging in snowy fields, a tiger prowling in the jungle, or a lion hunting in the savanna?
Or, perhaps you're more adventurous than the average kitten. You can travel to the depths of the ocean to see a sleeping Abysseanian, or a cavern where only the Ixyn's candle can light the path! Just be careful wandering off during a full moon, with Werecats wandering about.

With 29 pose sets (both realistic and mythical), and 32 rooms of varying terrain & allowed species, the possibilities are endless!

Will you live the life of a solitary hunter, or will you become the Leader of a large Clan? Will you be surrounded by friends and family, or sleeping in the quietest part of the island?

Has the curiosity overwhelmed your senses yet? Come join Raja's Pride, and see what awaits you on the wild side!

✮ ✮ ✮

Adventure awaits, and we hope to see you during your journey !!



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The Sets

- Abysseanian
- Bakeneko
- Caracal
- Chimera
- Clouded Leopard
- Fortune Cat
- Fossa
- Genet
- Ixyn
- Jaguar
- Japanese Bob
- King Cheetah
- Kitten
- Lion (female)
- Lion (male)
- Lynx
- Maine Coon
- Mallow cat
- Munchkin
- Neko Mata
- Noodlecat
- Sand Cat
- Scottish Fold
- Serval
- Siamese
- Smilodon
- Snow Leopard
- Snowshoe
- Sumatran Striped Rabbit
- Tiger
- Werecat​


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The Team


Fai, Blip, Scruffy


Howlagan, Diablo, Cacti, Lonny


Hyyh, Kisa


Chill, Carson, Aresun

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