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So... Everyone loves kitty cats, but I think mine can easily 1-up yours. When I play music, my cat climbs into the speaker box (I need a new horn...). When I walk outside, he loves to run up trees and jump back down.

He can even jump up an you and just stick there.

So, we'll all talk about cats and stuff....


So we have these chairs in our kitchen with tall backs, rounded at the top. There's only about an inch wide width on them. My fat cat jumps from the floor and lands on top of it perfectly in the middle of us eating dinner, then just stands there awkwardly behind my mom's head. I did not think he could do that.

Cats have crazy balance skills.


back'n up back'n up
My friend has one cat I like all the others are little shit monsters. The one I like Jade will just jump in my lap and sleep. It's the cutest motherfucking thing ever.


My cat...throws up...

You can see one of mine in my profile pic.


mine used to lay on my hands while i was trying to type
when i picked him up and put him in my lap, he would start smashing the keys MOCKING MY STUPID HUMAN ACTIONS >:[
he'd also go over to this cup full of pennies i had, and scoop a penny at a time and drop it on the floor while watching me
and i had to sing him to sleep at night because he'd crawl into my bed and maul my fucking face meowing at me

also, when he was over my girlfriend's house, he would jump her pitbulls and they would chase him, and he'd dive under a stove and they'd slam their big retarded faces into the oven

it was great


My cat is an idiot, she used to chase her tail every chance she got. She would lean upside down on our porch railing and try to grab at her tail on the other side while upside down.

Then she got her tail caught between two sheets of metal under our house and ripped the skin clean off. Merry Christmas 15 year old self, got to let the cat in with a skeleton tail that tracked blood all over the floor.


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I had two cats by default. They weren't mine but they occupied the same space. They're practically invisible.

I only like the fun cats. I don't know the breed, but I've met three cats of a similar appearance and they were all playful into their adulthood. All the other breeds were either assholes or constantly absent.

Dogs are way better.


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My cat is interesting, sometimes it will attack its tail for no reason, or like run around going "Purrow! Mrrow. Meow! Purrow!" and it sometimes if I do not pay attention to it, jump on my lap, then walk around on my keyboard, or once he jumped up, and layed down on the keyboard. I was like "WTF? Get outta here!" his response was "Purrow?"

My old cat was great as well, it loved me ^^
It used to beat up my sister's dog. I laughed, and someone slammed it's tail in a door, and I was sitting down one time and my cat came up and sat with me, and it's tail was slightly under me, I heard *rip* "Meeoowwrrrr!" and there was part of her tail.
She got an ear infection a little later, and it was weird :\


I hate cats, they're horrible creatures.


Let us have a bottle of whisky
My cat likes to battle with the curtain. It hates me too, it stares at me and slowly narrows its eyes.