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Caught Fairies (Halloween YCH collab)


New Member
Hello everyone!:)

My friend - RaccoonTey - and I made a Halloween(kinda) YCH with several slots


Price of purple, blue and green slots is SB - 20$, AB - 50$

For the red one - SB - 30$, AB - 60$

  • MI - 2$
  • For all SLOTS any gender and any species are allowed
  • Bodytypes and all details will be adjusted to your character, and you can change fairy wings if you want to
  • Please bid only if you have money, we take 100% prepayment on paypal
  • Auction will end the 24th of October 01:00 (GMT +3, Moscow time)
  • You can post the final piece everywhere, but always always credit to us, we'd appreciate it a lot!
  • Bid here - www.furaffinity.net: Caught Fairies YCH (Halloween special collab) by RaccoonTey if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them on this thread or below the FA submission
That's all, thank you for attention!