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(Commission) Selling: Cel Shaded Character Art


Commission Card RULES SMALL.jpg
Commission Card PRICES SMALL.jpg


Bust - $30

Sketch - 10

Waist - $50
Sketch - 25

Full Body - $80
Sketch - $40

I Will Draw:
-Any species

I Won't Draw:
-Offensive/Hate Speech

Getting a Commission:
1) Make sure you've read everything before making this decision!
2) You can contact me through:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/labrat2710
Fur Affinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/jareddillon/
E-Mail: jareddillonart@outlook.com
3) I receive payment through PayPal, so be sure to include your PayPal email!

The Process:
1) After getting your initial response, we will chat about what you're wanting to commission me for
2) If I'm okay with your commission, I'll send an invoice to your PayPal (Payment should happen in the next 48 hours after I've sent the invoice)
3) I'll work on the sketch and will send it back to you for any big changes that may need to happen.
4) Once you're happy with the sketch, I will line, color, and shade it. I will send you the image either through Twitter or email

By commissioning me you agree to the following:
1) Work will only start after I receive payment
2) I can refuse a commission for any reason before payment
3) For any character, I will need a reference of some kind. Preferably visual
4) I will not refund any commission unless something goes really wrong on my side
5) I will not do any NSFW, including porn, gore, and fetish art.
6) If you are unsure about anything, just ask!
7) Will NOT do anything in relation to NFTs

Rights of Use:
1) I will post the work I do as commission examples unless otherwise asked to not do so.
2) You can post the work yourself as long as you credit me, either as JaredDillon here or @labrat2710 on Twitter.
3) You may not use any work commissioned from me for commercial use.

To See More Examples Of The Kind Of Work I Do:


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