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(Other) Selling: Celtic Stickers on sale! 5 USD per sheet!


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I'm glad to present you my first merch - stickerpak of celtic anymals!
Twisted and intertwined, animals and spirits, keepers and amulets. One sheet includes all of that in 45 stickers :)
Enjoy - www.furaffinity.net: CelticStickerpack by Teal_Avokado

❖ What are these stickers made of? - This is self adhesive paper with lamination and clipping - you don’t have to cut it yourself. Dense material, comfortable sits on paper and cardboard surfaces.

❖ Price? - 5 USD per sheet! On delivery - 10 USD to any corner of the world.
Departure only after full prepayment. I use for payment only PayPal.

❖ Delivery? - By common post with tracking code. The letter goes from two weeks to a month abroad.

If you have any questions - feel free to ask me! If you want to buy stickerpack - welcome to my PM.
Thank you! <3

You can also watch how it looks IRL here:
1 - DeviantArt
2 - www.deviantart.com: StickersDemostration2
3 - DeviantArt