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Ceryadne -- Bull/Deer Sona


Derp derp, decided I wanted to have a place for all my information about my new character! Bear with me while this is all bare bones and whatnot. My lovely gal is still in the works. All details are assuming anthro despite my only feral artwork :3


Name: Ceryadne (Sare-ee-AHD-nay)
Nickname: Ciri
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Species: Deer/Bull
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 pounds

- Hair and fur: Her fur is deep, plum-like purple with cream accents as well as a cream underbelly. She has dark green and mint green layering on her legs as well as tail.
- Markings: On her back is the Narayan (Myst anyone?) symbol for Question. On her thigh facing us is the constellation Taurus, and on her opposite thigh is the constellation Orion
- Eye color: Golden
- Other features: She has two sets of horns. One set is bull horns that wrap behind her ears before pointing forward. The other set is deer antlers that have grown together to form something akin to a dream catcher. Bird feathers hang off outside tines. Both sets of horns are golden-colored like her eyes.

Behavior and Personality: She is a very quiet, reserved character. She much prefers to keep to herself rather than bother anyone. Social situations make her anxious and she prefers to avoid them if at all possible. That being said, she loves the few people she has allowed to become close to her. She values them quite highly considering they are few and far between. When it comes to her friends, she is still quiet when with them, but she does contribute more to conversation than average. She considers herself the typical wallflower and prefers watching rather than doing. She has a split personality, though. Her other side, the Tau side, is the opposite side of the coin. Loud, arrogant, and abrasive would be the best way to describe her then. She isn't exactly filled with anger or rage, but her temper is on a hair trigger and could go off at any moment. When it does, the bull brings the horns. Nothing in particular triggers her going from one personality to the other, and she stays in them for indefinite amounts of time. Her normal self has no knowledge of things done in her Tau self and vice versa.




Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

Clothing/Personal Style:

Personal quote:
Theme song:
Star sign:

Favorite food:
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Least liked food:
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