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Chakat registry

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Please, open our eyes to the true beauty of the Chakat. We only do not understand, because we have not learned.


Wow, so much hate for something people don't completely understand

"Oh my god, people said mean things about my fantasy species three years ago, I must make some kind of comment! This simply cannot stand!"


Heh, exactly. You only consider it weird because its something you've never seen before, thus feel you must hate it.

Sure is tumblr in here. Oh shit I'm oppressing you ARRRGH OPRESSION IS MY TRIGGER WORDNGBFGJKBRKJBTB;F

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Thread necromancy is black arts.
It is not meant to be. What is dead must rest.

Seriously though, this was 3 years ago and you have to jump on it now and be a mini-sjw.

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Wow, so much hate for something people don't completely understand

Found the Chakat.

Also hello 2011 and possibly dead people.
Oh and lol,

>perfect organism
>not a glorious Xenomorph

Lol k den.
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Wow guys stop oppressing the charkums, today you're mocking them tomorrow you're drawing pictures of them being rounded up into camps.


Where'd the time go?
It's like... just a week or something ago I was posting in the 'Things You Hate' thread about how I hated chakats.

And look at all this gold. Not just any gold, necro gold.

I'm going to step away and leave before I have a breakdown.

Where's Ayattar? We need a holocaust in here.

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I did not know there where more chakats...

But quite frankly I don't really care either way. So what if people like herm cat people


Take it from someone who used to crash through and read full online series no matter how bad---chakats are bad.
I'm just going to quote myself from another thread.

A Chakat is a fetish-anthro-species created by Bernard Doove, who over the course of several novel's worth of material, would attempt to justify their existence as a "perfect terraforming species" through a series of Star Trek inspired sci-fi, semi-erotic stories. Admittedly the story series started pretty sex-heavy, and then got somewhat more "tasteful" over the years.

The story has not much improved.

A Chakat is a hermaphroditic felin-taur with a lower set of "handpaws" in the front of the lower body, as well as a prehensile tail. They live to be well over a hundred years old, have the temperament of the Dali Lama crossed with Buddha, and are more or less portrayed as these super wise, understanding, and loving creatures with varying amounts of aggression towards Humans. Most humans, with the exception of ones fucking or getting fucked by any number of anthro-species in the series, are portrayed as bigoted, violent, and rather dumb creatures.

The story hacks directly off of the romping through the universe part of Star Trek, but focuses more on the terraforming aspect of creating habitable planets. Despite the calorie chugging design and impractical size and weight of a chakat, they are, for some reason, justified as the most idea species for terraforming endeavours. They also find themselves in positions of pandering to a wide variety of fetishes in the story by simply existing. By far the two largest ones seem to be Lactation and Incest. As Chakats are all mothers, they all have the capacity to breastfeed. Their freeloving nature includes being COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY free about sex, to the point of instructing their offspring or younger siblings of the act of sex by demonstration. (It is all done with consent within the confines of the story).

The antagonists of the story are almost always Humans First sympathizers or members, or rapey misogynistic types. Slave traders (pandering mainly to sex slaves) are another constant threat and are always mostly human.

Apparently, the only weakness in character and mind of a chakat is being overprotective of their kids.
That's it.
That's the only time a Chakat ever fucks up.
Or through some dire misunderstanding of a misguided attempt at kindness.

Some story lines include:

The placing of a man's mind into a chakat body due to a teleporter incident (created by--you guessed it--a Humans First terrorist attack).
The rescue and assimilation of a hermaphroditic sex slave fennec who has an enormous cock.
And said fennec's adventures as an envoy to a species of fennec herms who are constantly fucking to the point of creating a population problem (they literally get stupider by the fuck... THIS is the big reveal)
A male fox-taur's adventures as an inseminator to his tribe---
and the consequences of his sister using hormones to turn him into a sister raping machine.
And lots of "awwwww" tales of motherhood and shit.

Basically? An overly perfected fetish species with an entire world built around them to justify the fap-worthy encounters of a multitude of anthro-species.
It wasn't good enough for the creator to be like, "SPACE FURRIES--BONING IN SPACE!"
So he spent from 1998 to still now going writing this series.
The dude pumps out a novel in his little world now and then.

I'll give the species shit any day, but I'll give props to Bernard Doove for being a persistent writer massive world builder. No matter how illogical it is, Captain. I'll give him props for sheer quantity of story works alone. Their quality has improved, and it's apparent he could be a good writer, but he doesn't seem interested in writing anything considered "thought provoking" outside of this series.

But who the fuck am I to judge? I've finished writing -one- goddamned book in my lifetime, and have countless unfinished attempts. I may not respect his works, but I respect Bernard Doove for being a dedicated mild-erotica novelist, if nothing else.
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