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champions online open beta


i just started playing this, downlaoded from fileplanet, seems pretty fun. Its mostly classes with super powers but there are many customizations.U can also fly/run super fast etc
Also char creation has insane amount of options, u can make a anthro wolf/feline/rat and some others as i have seen.
Is anyone already in?

ps Dont put graphics to high, ur eyes will bleed


Your Bear of Crap Wisdom
I wanted to play that game I might as well play it when the sell it.


My graphics are on high. My character's name is The Homosexual Agenda and he uses the powers of darkness to render his foes defeated.


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I'm on there too, I actually have more fun making and looking at other people's characters than doing the hero stuff.
But I like doing the hero stuff too.


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Soloing is tough? My character can take on 10 enemies at once who are at least the same level or a couple higher. Try dual blades, it's a great physical attack.


I ish go RAWR >: ]
how good of graphics does it have, and how big is the world?


Anyone else hear about all the lifetime subscriptions that got cancelled just after the game was officially released? Bunch of players asking for their money back.


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really tried to like this game, but I just keep getting disappointed

the graphics are lovely, the costume creating is fun, the powers are awesome

but the leveling process is a clone of wow's questing, and the end game is daily quests for epic gear

bill roper leaves some sort of trail of failure in his wake

good thing I didn't buy lifetime, I learned that from hellgate london