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Chance At Free Art


Party Cat
I find myself wanting to draw sometimes but I don't always know what to draw. Post your reference sheet so I can have something to draw. It could be a sketch, head shot, full body colored, experiment with free lines, badge or whatever I'm itching to do that day. It's not first come first serve. Sorry in advance if I don't get around to working with your character.


Party Cat


Party Cat
A more detail version on my boo would be nice though,
I probably should get to work on a character sheet of it lol.
Let me know when you have reference sheet. You can do it!


Have fun with this one as this is the ref for one of my OC's. If anything, my gallery is located here: Userpage of suki262 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Cass (character design).jpg

Glass Bunnies

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Hi, could you draw my fursona? I currently don't have any art of him except for this crappy drawing I did. He's white with splotches of purple, he has a light blue underbelly and the hair between his ears is light blue as well. He also has red eyes. His name is Nyx and he's a Bunny. He's also pretty effeminate.


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Hey heres some stuff. I put multiple things for more choice on your part. Also you can go wild with clothing if you want as long as my dodo has semi short shorts...ust enough so no booty is peeking out. Sorry about that restriction) If you want I could draw something for you if you ever do my characters.

My Kitty Libby

My Do-Do bird Chiara
www.furaffinity.net: Chiara The Do-Do by Oerpink
Better ref design wise of her: