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Changing/alternative sonas?


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What's the general consensus on changing your sona after they've already been pretty solidified? I'm..really indecisive and I feel myself wanting to change my sona species constantly, or not really feeling like I'm truly in tune with her and her design.

My bf is a hyena, but last night he said he'd like me to draw him as a husky so now I'm kinda at a crossroads. I really really want to, but should I change him now for good? All of my watchers know him as a yeen!

Sorry it probably feels like I'm looking into this too much and I am but it feels important to me @-@


I've seen people use alternative sonas for the ocs that represent their relationship. You could even make another set of sonas for the both of you if you like and introduce them to your watchers together!

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Well my first sona was a wolf. Then i thought of changing it since it was pretty average species. Very common.. so i thought dragon.. but ended with Phoenix! My wolf still does exist actually, just slightly reworked into a different character in my large cast ^^


Yowza! As a glitch in reality, I'm all kinds of different things. Sometimes I'm a bun (rabbit). Sometimes I'm a bun (literal).
Sometimes I'm a toaster, a cup, or even a vague feeling of regret.

s̲̤̥̳̖̠͢o̪̦̹͎m̠̝̜͓͕e̞͓̼̝̘͢t̰̲̘i̴͉͈͙͎̪̞m̘̻̞͔̗̖e̘̠̙̞̬ͅs͓ ̶̭͓̝i͉͝'̗͕͚͚ḿ̲͎͖̠̭̬̤ y̪̗̰͍o̵̻̯̟̲u̞̻ṟ̬̲̬ ̥͕̯̞̠͙b̵̮̮̺̰̘̮ͅl͇̜̻͇ͅo̗o͏̙̟̪̮͙͎d̰͟

Be whatever! :Ð


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I'm in a similar boat. I can't decide between a cat/firefly hybird, a horned rabbit or a sparkle cat (i assume those exist if sparkle dogs do) who's color pallet is inspired by Firecracker Cookie from Cookie Run.

Its okay to have multiple sonas and flow between them. Makes things more fun. I'm even considering designing a birdsona and even a furbysona as well.


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I changed mine a few months ago (after having used the same one for nearly 2 years) and was worried how people would react... but no one really cared. Only comment I got was one of my friends didn't associate the new characters name with me and had to get use to it... but other than that was no big deal. Most people were chill with it cause a fursona is a personal thing. Think of it just like changing your hair or clothing style ^_^ You're free to do so whenever and however many times you like until your happy.


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I’ve recently changed my fursona’s design to look more raccoon-like. Not much has changed besides the markings.


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I have such situation myself. For the longest time, I played a striped hyena and it's still the species which fits me the best, everything considered. But over the years, I got fascinated with antelopes and their enormous but little-known diversity of sizes, shapes (esp. horns) and colors.

Additionally, my wife's favorite animal is klipspringer antelope. Cute, little rock-hopping thing; anyone who tried to go on a hike with her could agree that it's a good match. The rougher the terrain, the better for her, and it took me some extra training to be able to keep up with her pace!

It's a nice coincidence, I already was aesthetically interested in antelopes, and then I got additional incentive to develop such a character to represent myself in the relationship. Just like @Bananapop said. Which resulted in designing this nyala antelope buck.

But now, when it comes to this forum, I'm totally undecided which one to use, I want to use both! And so shall I do, changing whenever the mood strikes me, and if someone doesn't like this, well, so be it.


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Jack (the character in my avatar) has been my fursona for over a year and a half. Over the last few days, my love of BTAS Man-Bat has been overwhelming. I love his design.

I know this might sound cringy, but I was squatting on the floor and thinking about stuff like I do occasionally, and I felt like a bat. That was the final straw.

So yeah. I started on designing a were-bat fursona today and his ref sheet is almost done.

If you feel like you want to change your fursona or have another one, go for it! It's all about what you like and are comfortable with.

WIP below: