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Account Problem: Changing my FA account name?

Tiger In A Tie

Say what now?
Several years ago, I created the fA account tiger-in-a-tie. I abandoned the account for my NightfireTiger account. However, I'd like to go back to my old account. Is there a way I can change my NightfireTiger account to my old one while still keeping the pageviews, favs, comments, submissions, etc.? I can prove that tiger-in-a-tie belongs to me if needed. If it's unable to be done, I understand that.

Any help is appreciated!

(Also, I apologize if this is in the wrong board section, if it needs to be moved to another part admins can feel free to move it)


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You can claim inactive accounts, yes. But we can't transfer anything.

Please submit a TT with your request.

Tiger In A Tie

Say what now?
Alright, thanks both of you!

EDIT: Cerb, because Tiger-in-a-tie was created by myself, should I still submit a TT?
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Since this topic apparently comes up quite often (myself included), could a topic about this get pinned or stickied or maybe just the idea be edited into a bigger topic?


As far as I'm aware, it's literally impossible. Something to do with the way FA reads databases.

I'm going to hazard a guess at usernames being used as the primary key, rather than some numerical ID or whatever, so that changing it involves more than just modifying a single entry. It's probably in about 10 different tables as well.