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Important: Changing Your Username

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It's Spooky Month!
It's been 3 months since my last name change.
Can I have it changed back to "Chomby" without the quotes please?


It's Spooky Month!
Can my name be changed back to "Chomby" without the quotes? Thanks.


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Hello everyone!

We have changed our policy regarding name changes on the forum. We now allow them under the following stipulations:
  1. You may only change your name once every three months, and it must be done by a staff member.
  2. You must request your name change in this thread. Do not PM a staff member or create another topic as these requests will be ignored.
  3. Your name must abide by Fur Affinity's rules and Terms of Service.
Here is an example of a model post requesting a name change:

Please do not post in this thread with comments regarding this change in policy or unrelated issues. They will be removed. If you want to thank staff for changing your name, simply like their post.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Note that while we are accepting name changes on the forum, we are not accepting them on the main site right now. There is not a system in place that allows us to do this easily; however, it is a feature that we would like to see in the future.
I would like to change my name in "Electrowave" please
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