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Char Auction - Awesome exotic antelope male with full ref.


I made this cool ibex-ish dude but decided I don't want him after all, he just doesn't fit me. He deserves a good home though.

The starting bid is $25, increase at $5 minimum. Auction ends Monday 10th of June at 5pm EDT.

Feel free to bid in other currencies too, just state your bid and the use a conversion site to give the bid in dollars too.
www.xe.com is good.

https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10767903/ <- auction (nsfw - sheath visible :p)


- Reply to the highest bidder!
- I reserve the right to display this ref sheet as a portfolio piece, but nothing else.
- You get all other rights to this character to use him in whatever you please.
- I'll fill in the name with whatever you want when you win, and you'll get the full resolution file (more than 6000 pixels wide!) in whatever format you desire including PSD.